This year’s Alabama Governor’s School will be held June 12–24, 2022. Seminars are subject to change according to faculty availability.

Morning Seminars

Magazine Publishing

Students of the magazine publishing class work as a team to produce a memory book commemorating their shared AGS experiences. They learn writing, design and editing skills while planning and organizing the year’s publication. The instructors’ intention is to give each student a “real world” journalistic experience from the initial planning to the final execution of the AGS magazine.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Students of the Lights, Camera, Action class learn how to write, shoot and edit a video package with the help of seasoned professionals.

Arts Experience

The arts experience seminar brings students from all over Alabama with the purpose of exposing them to the variety of cultures and technique found in the locations such as the Birmingham Museum of Art.

Health Care

The Health Care class gives students a chance to learn about the reality of work in modern health care through field trips and job shadowing.


In this hands-on introduction to the legal process, students will apply what they learn about the law by preparing for and participating in a mock trial in federal district court before a judge.


Through numerous field trips, the Business Seminar provides students with ample opportunity to experience first-hand the intricacies of modern management.

Research Science

Students of Research Science are encouraged to ask questions, make connections, and combine their knowledge of various subjects in order to form research questions and solve them.

Sky is the Limit

The Birmingham Radio Control Association will take you on a journey through airplane history(military and commercial), engineering(mechanical and electrical), basic to advance airplane flight characteristics, Space/NASA modern technology & history, EDF Jets (electric), and turbine RC jet planes field trips.  Are you ready to ‘feel the need for speed’?

Afternoon Seminars


While almost every student took pictures during their two weeks at the governor’s school, the students of the Photography class were able to raise their skills to the next level by acquiring the knowledge needed to get the most out of their cameras.

Global Citizenship

In Global Citizenship, students are given an opportunity to broaden their outlook on the world through lectures and discussions.

Digital Marketing

Students will explore digital marketing strategies and tools, including websites, social media, paid advertising, email, and more, equipping them to understand modern marketing careers.


Utilizing discussions, simulations, guest speakers and field trips, participants will examine definitions and models of leadership. Explore and apply skills of leadership using real world problems and examine historical and current leadership examples in sport, music, education, politics, and business.


By examining the controversial Greek story of Medea, students examine both the legal and historical controversies of this ancient tales in the scope of today’s situations.

Health Professionals

Through simulations and laboratory experiences, students will be introduced to a variety of disciplines and specialties within the health professions including physical therapy, physician assistant studies, speech language pathology, and exercise science.

Walk on the Wild Side

Adventures in Walk on the Wild Side incorporate all our senses: taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight. We will walk on the Wild Side to experience nature by walking through thickets and streams, hills, and valleys, and have glimpses of animals large and small. We seek places of wilderness, laboratories of animals native to Alabama, and sites of urban renewal. From Henry David Thoreau, “In wildness is the preservation of the world.”

Humor and Literature

What makes us laugh? What does that say about ourselves and our society?  Explore different cultures and how they employ humor in various literary works, including satire, farce, lyric, narrative, cartoon, and other mediums. We will study how different types of humor work to political, cultural, and even spiritual ends. You will have a chance to create your own amusing works. The course aims to be serious and hilarious simultaneously.